Are your covers ready for winter?

Boat Covers

Are your covers ready for winter?

With winter upon us and perhaps some of the worst weather still to come, now is a good time to be proactive and check the condition of your boat covers.

As with all things, a cover is as good as it’s weakest point. Factors like the age, deterioration from the environment and the harsh UV conditions can combine to weaken important areas that help hold these covers in position or onto their framework.

It could take one decent storm to turn a small problem, like rotten stitching, a small hole or wear area into a bigger problem resulting in a more costly fix or the need for new covers.

Canvas covers can also over time loose some of their water repellency through things like age, cleaning products or airborne pollutants settling on the surface. These pollutants can harbour environments that mould and mildew like to grow in, which in turn affects the look of the covers.

A little preventative maintenance now could save a much more expensive fix later. Often a restitch and patching of a few minor holes or wear areas can give your covers a longer life.

We recommend checking the condition of your covers including the stitching before the onset of the worst of the weather.

We offer a free check and quote service if you feel that your covers and upholstery may need some attention.


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Helpful Tips

How to check your covers?

Check the stitching for UV and wear damage before the worst of winter sets in. At first glance it may seem fine, but under close inspection you can often see broken threads. If you see even a small amount of broken threads it could be a sign that a lot more of the stitching is damaged than you realise. This can result in covers ripping apart at the seams in bad weather, causing extra damage to the covers and sometimes the boat. In this case a we recommend a restitch.

Preventative steps

A frequent light hosing off with water over exterior surfaces of covers can help prevent the excessive build up of airborne pollutants that can cause damage. Be careful what products you use to clean your covers as the fabric companies will not guarantee their products unless it is a cleaning product that is recommended as safe by them.